Sandra Newton, Ph.D.
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Leadership Skills

Technology Qualifications

Extensive information systems expertise and strong technical and management background including:


2001 to Present RHL Consulting Principal Consultant

2000 to 2001 Lante Corporation Technology Principal

Reporting to the CTO, managed an engineering staff of 27 in eCommerce consulting engagements. Delivered technology solutions, engaging in significant client contact and engagement management. Contributor to technical strategy of the company.

1997 to 2000 RHL Consulting Principal Consultant

See above.

1995 to 1997 Bolt Baranak and Newman (BBN) Principal Consultant

Application and database consultant in the Science and Technology group at BBN. Managed project to enable the Chicago Mercantile Exchange to move to on-line 24x7 trading. Primary focus on implications of large databases and other applications running over WANs and LANs. Additional experience in moving from centralized mainframe systems to distributed client server systems. Expertise in the unique requirements of non-traditional data, such as text and image, and their roles in electronic commerce. Additional focus on security issues.

1994 to 1995 Bertelsmann Director of Strategic Architectures

Responsible for developing an architecture and standards for a worldwide presence on the Internet. Planned first entry to WorldWideWeb. Developed relationships with high-end production houses for long-term exploitation of the Internet. Began planning for development of artist's workbench and virtual artists' community of the future. Researched hardware and network issues, costs, and return on investment for new media. Provided bridge between technologists, artists, and business people, and served as technical liaison between US holdings (Dell, Bantam, Doubleday; BMG Music, etc.) and German corporate headquarters.

1993 Dialog Information Services Director of Applied Research

Responsible for evaluating and bringing in-house new technologies directly applicable to the information services industry as the company migrated from traditional mainframe to distributed client-server systems. Specifically focused on expanding business to include multimedia, and associated search and data visualization issues, using SGML to provide formatted text, voice and video. Launched a major joint development project with SRI International in Menlo Park to significantly increase the value of real-time newspaper feeds, by analyzing text for content. Liaison with Knight Ridders' Newspaper of the Future laboratory in Boulder.

1991 to 1992 DHL Airways Data Architect and Project Manager

Managed $3M project migrating from IBM mainframes to client-server distributed systems on RS600 machines. Project included modeling data using Bachmann toolkit to match core business needs, and MicroSoft Project. Redesigned call-center data access to increase productivity of help desk personnel.

1988 to 1990 Independent Consultant Principal

Clients included large pharmaceutical company needing advanced data analysis to small PC-based companies requiring re-engineering of navigational systems and User Interface design.

1981 to 1987 IBM

1975 to 1981 Linguistics Research Center Senior Research Scientist, Metal Project

Faculty-level research scientist on machine translation project to aid in translation of text from German into English in the telecommunications field for Siemens Corporation. Developed case based system for noun classification. In a second, unrelated NL project, designed and built a relational database to handle textual data. Involved significant grammatical classification based on entries of an etymological dictionary.

1978 Intel Corporation Independent Consultant

Defined a model of database user class to aid in development of the query language QUEX. Involved original work for NSF in defining user types as well as mapping them into a particular mode of system interaction.


MS, Computer Science; University of Texas at Austin
PhD, Linguistics; University of Texas at Austin
MA, Hindi; University of Texas at Austin
BA, German and Asian Studies; University of Texas at Austin


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